Our mission at The Underdog Foundation is to empower young athletes, enabling them to excel both athletically and academically. We are dedicated to curating and hosting specialized programs and events that foster athletic performance, provide recruitment insights, and offer enhanced exposure opportunities. In a rapidly evolving sports landscape, our unwavering commitment is to guide athletes towards reaching their fullest potential, nurturing their growth and success. 


Empowering Hawaii's future champions, The Underdog Foundation envisions a community where every young athlete, regardless of background, realizes their full potential. Through innovative programs and collaborative partnerships, we inspire resilience and excellence in athletics, academics, and beyond. Our vision is to uplift underdog athletes, guiding them to become leaders in their communities and champions of tomorrow.


At The Underdog Foundation, our values form the cornerstone of everything we do. We believe in empowerment, resilience, inclusivity, and excellence. These values drive us to provide unwavering support to young athletes, ensuring they have the resources and guidance needed to thrive both on and off the field. Through our commitment to these values, we aim to uplift communities and inspire positive change, one athlete at a time.